Alien Invasion

Do you belong to the sheeple or are you already awake? Have you noticed that the Earth has been secretly infiltrated by aliens with the plan to subjugate or destroy humanity? What sounds like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (1956) and other Sci-Fi horror films, some conspiracy theorists believe to be a real event. Secret services and governments would know about it, but would keep it secret to avoid mass panic. Or because they themselves have made a nefarious pact with the extraterrestrial invaders. Supporters of the theory are not yet in complete agreement on this. Scientists, on the other hand, do: that this is all nonsense.

NB: In 1938, U.S. radio broadcasted 'War of the Worlds', a play about a Martian invasion. It was so realistically staged by director and speaker Orson Wells that many listeners ran into the streets in panic.