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Highly topical subject: Conspiracy theories

Atlas of conspiracy theories: Detail from the Q Web, created by DSMP.

The game is not only a devilishly exciting and entertaining game full of dynamics, intrigues and surprising twists. You'll also learn a lot! Since COMPLOTY is the world's first game based on over 100 actually existing conspiracy theories! You'll get to know them in all shapes and shades - from investigative revelations to creative pipe dreams to totally whacked-out and red-hot dangerous narratives; from the QAnon movement to chemtrails to the secret Nazi stronghold in Antarctica. Look forward to the most important facts, the most curious claims and the funniest anecdotes from the fascinating, dark and bizarre world of conspiracy myths. They will be conveyed to you in a nutshell, whenever you draw a Factcheck card.

Conspiracy theories rarely revolve around the beautiful things in life: Deep down the rabbit hole, it's dark as hell and terrible things happen that the public is not supposed to know about. And since the game is played from the perspective of villains, a pitch-black humor sets the tone. This is why the content of the game can be disturbing for some players. But if you are a curious mind and have a sense of humour, COMPLOTY is a hell of a lot of fun!

Amazing artwork:
Just as much fun to look as it is to play!

Many of today's board games compete for the most elaborate design, overwhelming players with an abundance of details, embellishments and lavishly sculptured miniatures. COMPLOTY is different. Its minimalist design is concise and thoughtfully reduced to the essentials. No frills, but stylishly implemented and straight to the point. The circular game board in particular has what it takes to become an instant classic. Reminiscent of the talking board used in séances and other occult activities for summoning spirits, it immediately evokes an atmosphere of mystery and danger. The 200+ playing cards are brilliantly illustrated by award-winning Swiss artist Andreas Heusser: By combining the latest AI technologies and and artistic craftsmanship, he has developed a consistent and unique visual language with a high recognition value.

When you play the game, the characters come very much to life - so much so that some of them already got out of control and started to cause a stir outside the game. For example, Don Luciano, the mobster who has discovered social media for himself and now uploads a new tutorial every day - which unfortunately have nothing to do with the game at all. Instead, the guy prefers to give practical tips on how to dry wet socks or open a can of Pelati ... what the F?!

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A different experience with each new game!

The game is easy to understand even for inexperienced players and yet multi-layered and complex enough to also enable board game nerds to have a challenging and competitive experience. COMPLOTY requires tactical skill, cunning, creativity and absolute ruthlessness. Even with repeated play, the experience is guaranteed to remain fresh as players encounter different starting situations, dozens of random events, and new challenges that lead to unprecedented game constellations and dynamics with each new game.

Not convinced yet?

Fair enough. Then let's check out what this guy has to say:

Trigger warning: Not for the faint of heart

Illustration of a weapon card: Bird, Model 2.06S. Perfectly camouflaged biomimetic spy drone, can be equipped with explosives.

Illustration of an event card: Hanging around at the Children's Relief Organization.

Illustration of a plot card: Culture Change.