1 x Game Board

The design of COMPLOTY is minimalist and reduced to the essential. The circular game board captivates with the elegance of an instant classic, reminiscent of the talking board used in seances and other occult activities, evoking an atmosphere of mystery and danger.

The spaces distributed on the outer circle of the board consist of: 4 headquarters, 24 keypositions and 4 types of action spaces (Event, Plot, Fact Check, Weapons Trade)

The center of the board consists of an earth grid (so that you never forget what's at stake!) and the outlines for the stack of cards associated to the 4 types of action spaces. The black symbols represent the torture cells belonging to the headquarters of each player.



Join forces with one of the four big secret societies that pull the strings behind the scenes – namely, the Illuminati, Satanists, Freemasons or Reptiloids.

Key Positions

Take over the most influential groups of people, corporations, military installations, research institutes and other dubious organizations – from Bill Gates to the UN peacekeeping.


Put the most megalomaniacal conspiracy plans for world domination into action – from Plandemic to the Climate Change Agenda.

7 types of cards

The playing cards are brilliantly illustrated by award-winning Swiss artist Andreas Heusser: By combining the latest AI technologies and image processing techniques, he has developed a consistent and unique visual language with a high recognition value.


Experience first-hand the most outrageous and scandalous events in history, which are the subject of many conspiracy theories – from 'Elvis Is Alive' to Pizzagate.


Use a variety of highly effective secret weapons to implement your world domination agenda or sabotage your opponents' plans – from mini-nukes to doppelgangers.

Psychic Abilities

Acquire psychic abilities and put your opponents out of action with black magic and other supernatural powers.

Fact Checks

Beware at all costs of the facts! Whenever you have to draw a fact-check card, the fact-checkers will pester you and debunk one of your beloved conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, this rarely ends well for you.


Make sure you always have enough adrenochrome on hand - the lubricant that keeps your shady activities going, the juice that makes you irresistibly young, the all-purpose agent for sweeping success of your dirty business.

All money is managed and distributed by the so-called "Shadow Bank" - a powerful institution that oversees the black market, as an equivalent to the Federal Reserve Bank. At the beginning of the game, one player receives the honor to manage the activities of the shadow bank. However, he can also play as a "normal" player at the same time. The banknotes, printed on both sides, are available in 6 different denominations: 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s, 500s and 1000s. The currency in COMPLOTY is "adrenochrome." Adrenochrome forms in the human body as a by-product of adrenaline and is considered a highly sought-after super-drug by elites for its alleged rejuvenating effects.

Further accessories

Game Pieces