Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones (S&B) aka The Brotherhood of Death is a secret stu- dent society at Yale University, founded in 1832. It has seen many prominent figures in politics and business as its members, includ- ing several presidents. Each year, 15 new ‚Bonesmen‘ are appoint- ed with a pat on the back. The initiation ceremony takes place in the ‚Tomb,‘ the S&B headquarters. With its inclination for morbid symbols, S&B has been the subject of many conspiracy theories, suggesting it pulls the strings in America and seeks to control world history.

However, in reality, S&B is likely nothing more than a glorified fraternity where members enjoy camaraderie, indulge in traditions like dressing up in funny costumes, and yes, get wast- ed. While its elite membership makes it an ideal networking hub, the notion of it aiming for world domination seems far-fetched.