Explore a dark, unsettling world and battle your opponents in this turn-based strategic board game in which you take on the role of a leader of a sinister secet society. Your objective is no less than to take over the world! Peppered with biting black humor, COMPLOTY is the world's first board game based on conspiracy theories that actually exist. It will be available in two languages: English and German.

Throughout the game, you'll recruit the most ruthless henchmen and occupy the most important key positions in research, economy, media and politics with your allies. You'll stock up on secret weapons and sabotage your opponent's plans with terrorist attacks and other nasty means. You'll forge devious conspiracy plots of enormous proportions that, if successful, can decide everything at once. You'll acquire psychic abilities with which you'll be able to manipulate your own or your opponents' moves. But of course, you'll also have to cope with one or another setback, when the investigative journalists and mainstream scientists get on your nerves with annoying fact checks or your opponents slow you down with acts of sabotage. The last player standing after this thrilling showdown wins the game!

For 2-4 Players (Standard Version)
Duration: 90 - 240 min.
Recommended age: 14+
Languages: English, German