The enigmatic 23

Wherever conspirators and evil characters have a hand in things, the number 23 crops up. Julius Caesar was killed with 23 stab wounds. Adolf Hitler shot himself in April 1945 (4+1+9+4+5=23). The Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 (1+5+4+1+9+12=23). The 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred on September 11, 2001 (11+9+2+1=23). The Federal Republic of Germany, by some believed to be a company, was founded on May 23, 1949 (1+9+4+9=23). Numerous other examples exist. Many people believe that the number 23 constantly appears mysteriously in their own lives, and some even fear it (so-called eicositriophobia). However, the 23 enigma is purely a numbers game or a cognitive bias, where supposed patterns are interpreted into random data.