Fact Checks

Main Villains
Key Positions
Conspiracy Plans

→ 101 Geoengineering
→ 102 Chemtrails
→ 103 Globe Deception
→ 104 Climate Change
→ 105 Total Surveillance
→ 106 Project Cyborg
→ 107 War of the Machines
→ 108 Microchip Implants
→ 109 Grand simulation
→ 110 Plandemic
→ 111 Fluoride Conspiracy
→ 112 Sweet Poison
→ 113 Aids Conspiracy
→ 114 Cultural Change
→ 115 Transgender Agenda
→ 116 Mass Hypnosis
→ 117 Indoctrination
→ 118 Brave New World Order
→ 119 World Conspiracy
→ 120 Great Replacement
→ 121 Bread and Circuses
→ 122 Election Fraud
→ 123 Business Plan
→ 124 Great Reset
→ 125 Eternal Life
→ 126 Eternal Abyss
→ 127 Eternal Empire
→ 128 Hell on Earth
→ 129 Series of Abductions
→ 130 Autopsy Strategy
→ 131 Alien Invasion
→ 132 Exit Strategy
→ 133 Space Race
→ 134 Guerilla Tactics
→ 135 False Flag Operation
→ 136 Cuddle Sessions
→ 137 Mission Virgin
→ 138 Operation Bug
→ 139 Plan B
→ 140 Chemotherapy
→ 141 Nuclear Terror
→ 142 Blackout
→ 143 Operation Pinoccio
→ 144 Economic Warfare
→ 145 War for Resources
→ 146 World War III
→ 147 Vampire Invasion
→ 148 Zombie Apocalypse
→ 149 Justin-Plan


Area 51
Big Brother
Big Pharma
Big Tech
Bilderberg Group
Bill Gates
Bohemian Club
George Soros
Queen B
Rothschild Family
Skull & Bones
Wall Street
Web Brigades

5G 5G
9/11 9/11
1984 Big Brother New World Order

AAE Alien Abduction
Adrenochrome Eternal Life
Agartha Hollow Earth
AI Big Tech Project Cyborg War of the Machines
AIDS conspiracy AIDS conspiracy
Alien abduction experience Alien Abduction
Alien autopsy Alien Autopsy
Aliens Area 51 Pyramids of Giza Roswell Incident Alien abduction Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion Alien Invasion
All-Seeing Eye White House Freemasons Illuminati
Al-Qaida Al-Qaida 9/11 False Flag
Alternative medicine Suppressed Cure Conspirituality
Alternative facts Alternative reality
Alternative reality Alternative reality
American Dream Rockefeller Family
Andrew, Duke of York Paedophile Island
Antarctica Nazis in Antarctica
Antichrist Antichrist
Anti Fa shion Show Twisted NGOs George Soros
Anti-gravity Area 51
Anthrax Bioterrorism
Apple Big Tech
Apocalypse Antichrist Millenium Bug
Amazon Big Tech
Area 51 Area 51 Alien Autopsy
Ariani Hollow Earth
Artificial Intelligence Big Tech Project Cyborg War of the Machines
Asatru Pagans and witches
Assassinations JFK Club 27 Princess Diana Marilyn Monroe
Assassins Legendary Brotherhoods
Astral travel Conspirituality Atlantis
Astral travel Atlantis
Atlantis Atlantis
Autism Autism
Autonomous Weapon System War of the Machines
Autopsy Strategy Alien Autopsy
Aum Shinrikyo cult Chemical Terrorism

Back to the Future Time Travel
BDSM at the FEMA-Camp FEMA-camps
Beatles, The Paul is dead
Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle
Beyoncé Queen B Illuminati
Bezos, Jeff Escape Plan Space Race
Bieber, Justin Transgender Agenda
Bielefeld Bielefeld Conspiracy
Big Brother Big Brother
Big Bang Theory Intelligent Design
Bigfoot Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie & Co.
Big Mac Munchies McDonalds
Big Pharma Big PharmaAIDS conspiracy Suppressed Cure
Big Oil Big Oil
Big Tech Big Tech
Bilderberg Group Bilderberg Group New World Order
Bill Gates Bill Gates Plandemic Microchip implants Antichrist
Bioterrorism Bioterrorism
Birds Aren't Real Birds Aren't Real
Black Holes Eternal Abyss CERN
Blue Origin Escape Plan
Bohemian Grove Bohemian Club
Bohemian Club Bohemian Club
Boston Marathon Bombing
Bostrom, Nick Simulation hypothesis
Blackout Blackout scenario
Blackout scenario Blackout scenario
Black operations Black ops
Black ops Black ops
Blooming success Monsanto
Branson, Richard Escape PlanSpace Race
Brain washing Mass hypnosis Indoctrination
Brain-Computer-Interface Project Cyborg
Brave New World New World Order
Bread and circuses Bread and circuses
Breeding and order Eugenetics
Brotherhoods Opus Dei Jeez, the Jesuits!
Brotherhood of Death Skull & Bones
Brown, Dan Illuminati Legendary Brotherhoods White House Opus Dei
Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace
Burger King Mind Control Drugs
Business Plan Infiltration

Cage, Nicolas Vampire Invasion
Casa Nostra Mafia
Cancer cure Suppressed Cure
Camouflage technology Philadelphia experiment
Camp Hero Montauk Project
Chemotherapy Chemical Terrorism
Chemtrails Chemtrails
Cherenkov Radiation Justin's Plan
CERN CERN Eternal Abyss
Charles, King III. Vampire Invasion
Cheers to Pizza Pizzagate
Chemical Terrorism Chemical Terrorism
Child welfare UNICEF
Child trafficking UNICEF Pizzagate
Chilling in Eurabia EU and Eurabia
Chomsky, Noam Total surveillance
Christianity Intelligent Design Pagans and witches Antichrist
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Intelligent Design
CIA Secret Services Area 51
Climate change Climate change
Clinton, Hillary Pizzagate
Cloaking device Philadelphia experiment
Clockwork Orange Mind Control Drugs
Cloning Eugenetics
Club 27 Club 27
Clubbing in Rome Club of Rome
Club of Rome
Cobain, Kurt Club 27
Collecting mania NSA
Comet Ping Pong Pizzagate
Concentration camps FEMA-camps
Covert operation Black ops
Covid 19 Plandemic Wuhan Lab Leak Great Reset
Crash Test Dummy Death of Princess Diana
Creationism Intelligent Design
Cyber crime Cyberterrorism
Cyberterrorism Cyberterrorism
Cryptozoology Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie & Co.
Cryptocracy Wall Street
Cryonics Project Cyborg
Cruise, Tom Scientology
Cultural change Cultural change
Cultural Marxism Cultural Marxism
Cuddle Sessions In Bed with the Narcos
Cyberiad Justin's Plan
Cyborgs Big Tech Project Cyborg

Dallas Reloaded Assassination of JFK
Day X Eternal Empire Reichsbürger
Dark Side of the Moon Dark Side of the Moon
Deadly boring Club 27
Deep State Wall Street
Déjà Vu Predictive Programming
Denver Airport Denver Airport Illuminati
Detention camps FEMA-camps
Devil's Palace Devil's palace
Dianetics Scientology Infiltration
Diana, Princess of Wales Death of Diana
Discover Your True Self Conspirituality
Diving in Bermuda Bermuda Triangle
Disney Disney Mass Hypnosis
Dracula Vampire Invasion
Doomsday Antichrist
Doppelgänger Paul is dead
Doing the right thing Holocaust Denial
Double Talk Paul is dead
Drones Birds Aren't Real
Drug Trafficking Secret Services In Bed with the Narcos Mafia
Druidism Pagans and witches

Ecocide Monsanto
Economic warfare Economic warfare
Electoral fraud Electoral fraud
Electronic harassment Targeted individuals
Electromagnetic radiation Targeted individuals
Elvis Elvis is alive
Elysium Escape Plan
End of the world Millenium Bug Antichrist
Energy Conference Free Energy
Energy, Free Free Energy
Enlightenment Ingolstadt
Egypt Pyramids of Giza
Epstein, Jeffrey Paedophile Island
Epstein didn't kill himself Paedophile Island
Eschatology Antichrist
Escape Plan Escape Plan
Eternal Abyss Eternal Abyss CERN
Eternal Empire Eternal Abyss
Eternal Life Eternal Life
Exit Strategy Escape Plan
Exoskeletons Project Cyborg
EU EU and Eurabia
Eurabia EU and Eurabia
Evolution Theory Intelligent Design
Evangelicals Intelligent Design Pagans and witches Antichrist
Eye of Provenance White House Freemasons Illuminati
Everything Everywhere All at Once Time Travel
Exhausting Joy Pagans and witches
Eyes Wide Shut Devil's Palace

Fabricated virus Wuhan Lab Leak
Facebook Big Tech
Fahrenheid 451 Bread and circuses
Faked death Paul is dead Elvis is alive Hitler is alive
Faked Moon Landing Hollywood
False Flag False Flag
False Flag operations False Flag 9/11 Al-Qaida False History Big Oil Jihad Wars
False History
Family Rockefeller Rockefeller Family
Family Rothschild Rothschild Family
Fast Food Mind Control Drugs
FBI Secret Services
FEMA camps FEMA-camps
Fed Reserve
Fetish Party Devil's palace
Filthy rich Rockefeller Family Rothschild Family
Flat Earth Society Globe Deception
Fluoride Fluoride Conspiracy
Freemasons Freemasons
Free Energy Free Energy
Freemasons Freemasons Zedekiah's Cave Ceremony
Fresh off the Press Fed Reserve
FSB Secret Services
Fundamentalists Intelligent Design Pagans and witches Antichrist

Gates, Bill Bill Gates Antichrist
Geonengineering Weather control HAARP
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Freemasons
Genetic manipulation Project Cyborg
German Reich Reichsbürger Eternal Empire
George Soros George Soros Great Replacement Twisted NGOs
Genozide Club of Rome AIDS conspiracy International Jewry
Globalists New World Order
Global Warming Climate Change
Globe Deception Globe Deception
Globe Lie Globe Deception
Globuli Conspirituality
God Intelligent Design
Google Big Tech
Grand Simulation Simulation Hypothesis
Great Replacement EU and Eurabia
Great Reset Great Reset WEF
Greys Alien Autopsy
Ground Zero 9/11
Guerilla Tactics Black Ops

HAARP HAARP Weather control
Hamer, Ryke Geerd Suppressed Cure
Hang out with the kids UNICEF
Harari, Yuval Big Tech Total surveillance
Hawking Radiation Eternal Abyss
Hawkins, Stephen Big Tech
Hell on earth Hell on earth Satanists
Hoax Sandy Hook Hoax Hollywood Great Reset
Hollywood Hollywood
Holocaust International Jewry
Holocaust Denial Holocaust Denial
Holy War Opus Dei
Heligoland Atlantis
Heathens Pagans and witches
Heligoland Atlantis
Hendrix, Jimi Club 27
Hildmann, Attila Holocaust Denial
Hitler, Adolf Hitler is alive
Hollow Earth Hollow Earth Nazis in Antarctica
Hollow Earth Downer Hollow Earth
Holocaust Holocaust Denial
Homeopathy Conspirituality
Huanan Seafood Market Wuhan Lab Leak
Hubbard, L. Ron Scientology
Human cloning Eugenetics
Human breeding programs Eugenetics
Human trafficking UNICEF Pizzagate
Human sacrifice Pagans and witches
Hunger Games Bread and circuses
Huxley, Aldous New World Order

Icke, David Reptiloids Buckingham Palace
Identitarian movement Great Replacement
Idiocracy Bread and circuses
Illuminati Illuminati
Inception Time Travel
Inoculated Autism Autism
Indoctrination Indoctrination
Ingolstadt Ingolstadt Illuminati
Infiltration Infiltration
Infiltration of the ecomomy InfiltrationScientology Wall Street Skull & Bones
Infowar Sandy Hook Hoax False History
Inside Job 9/11
Invasion of the Bodysnatchers Alien Invasion
Invasion to Iraq 9/11
Internet of Things Cyberterrorism
International Jewish Conspiracy Protocols of Zion World Jewish Conspiracy
International Jewry World Jewish Conspiracy
Intelligent Design Intelligent Design
Intelligent Plan Intelligent Design
Interstellar Time Travel
Invisible Government Skull & Bones Wall Street
Invisibility technology Philadelphia experiment
Islamization EU and Eurabia

Jay-Z Jay-Z Time Travel Illuminati
Jerusalem Zedekiah's Cave Ceremony
Jesuits Jeez, the Jesuits!
JFK Assassination of JFK
Jones, Alex Sandy Hook Hoax False History
Jones, Brian Club 27
Joplin, Janis Club 27
Jewish Conspiracy Protocols of Zion World Jewish Conspiracy
Jewish Bolshevism World Jewish Conspiracy
Jihad wars Jihad Wars
Judeo-Masonic conspiracy World Jewish Conspiracy

Kennedy, John F. Assassination of JFK
KGB Secret Services
Killer Robots War of the Machines
Killer Virus Bioterrorism
Knights Templar Legendary Brotherhoods
Knigge, Adolph Illuminati
Kremlinbots Web Brigades
Kremlin Trolls Web Brigades
Kubrick, Stanley Hollywood

Lab Leak Theory Wuhan Lab Leak
Laboratories Secret laboratories
Langley Secret Services Targeted Individuals
LAWS War of the Machines
Large Hadron Collider CERN
Last of Us Zombie Fungus Zombie Apocalypse
Lem, Stanislaw Justin's Plan
Lethal Autonomous Weapon System War of the Machines
LGBTQ+ Transgender Agenda Cultural Change
Life Coaching Elvis is alive
Little St. James Paedophile Island
Limits to Growth Club of Rome
Lizard People ReptiliansBuckingham Palace
Loch Ness monster Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie & Co.
Looper Time Travel
Lost in Philadelphia Philadelphia-Experiment
Lovely Threesome Trilateral Commission
Lucifer Satanists

Mafia Mafia Death of Marilyn Monroe 9/11
Magnetic field Philadelphia Experiment
Mainstream Media Predictive Programming
Mainstream Mess Predictive Programming
Manichaeism Antichrist
Mar-a-lago Alternative Reality
Marathon Boston Marathon Bombing
Marijuana McDonalds Mind Control Drugs
Martian Invasion Alien Invasion
Marvel universe Economic warfare
Masons Freemasons
Mass hypnosis Mass hypnosis
Mass immigration EU and Eurabia
Mass Media Manipulation Mass Media Manipulation Predictive Programming False History
Mass poisoning Monsanto 5G Fluoride Conspiracy
Mass sterilization Club of Rome
Mass spying program NSA
Mass surveillance 5G NSA
Majestic 12 Alien Autopsy
Matrix Simulation hypothesis
McCartney, Paul Paul is dead
McDonalds McDonalds Mind Control Drugs
McIndoe, Peter Birds Aren't Real
Microsoft Bill Gates Scientology
Media Manipulation Mass Media Manipulation
Men in Black Roswell Incident Men in Black
Meetoo Cultural Change
MI5 Secret Services
Microchip Implants Microchip Implants
Microsoft Big Tech
Microwave Weapons Targeted individuals
Middle Ages Phantom time hypothesis
Migraine in Montauk Montauk Project
Millenium Bug Millenium Bug
Mind Control experiments Montauk Project Mind Control Drugs
Mission Virgin Jihad Wars
MK Ultra Mass hypnosis Disney
Moon Dark Side of the Moon
Monroe, Marilyn Death of Marilyn Monroe Mafia
Montauk Montauk Project
Mossad Secret Services
Monarch programming Mind Control Drugs Disney Mass hypnosis
Morrison, Jim Club 27
Musk, Elon Big Tech Microchip Implants Escape Plan Space Race

Naidoo, Xavier Holocaust Denial
Nanotechnology Project Cyborg Microchip Implants
Narcos In Bed with the Narcos Secret Services
NASA Dark Side of the Moon Hollywood Globe Lie
NATO war games NATO
Nazis Atlantis Nazis in Antarctica
Nessie Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie & Co.
Nerve Gas Chemo Terrorism
Neuschwabenland Nazis in Antarctica
New German Medicine Suppressed Cure
Newspeak Big Brother
New World Order New World Order
New Year Resolutions Targeted Individuals
Nine Eleven 9/11 Al-Qaida False Flag Black ops
NGOs Twisted NGOs
Nordics Alien Autopsy
Not So Lonely Island Paedophile Island
NSA NSA Secret Services Big Brother
Nuclear Terror Nuclear Terrorism
Nuclear Terrorism Nuclear Terrorism
Number 5 Number mysticism
Number 18 Number mysticism
Number 23 The enigmatic 23Number mysticism
Number 88 Number mysticism
Number 666 Number mysticism

Obama, Michelle Transgender Agenda
Occult rituals Zedekiah's Cave Pagans and witches
Operation Bug Cyberterrorism
Operation Cyclone Jihad Wars
Operation Northwood False Flag
Operation Pinocchio Mass Media Manipulation
Opus Dei
Orwell, George Big Brother New World Order

Paganism Pagans and witches
Patriot Act 9/11
Pearl Harbour False Flag
Pedophilia UNICEF Pizzagate Vatican City
Phantom Time hypotesis
Philadelphia experiment
Pizzagate PizzagateQAnon
Portals to another dimension Eternal Abyss CERN
Plan B Bioterrorism
Plandemic Plandemic
Predictive Programming
Psychotronic weapons Targeted individuals
Priory of Sion Legendary Brotherhoods
Preppers Blackout scenario
Presley, Elvis Elvis is alive
Protocols of the Elders of Zion Protocols of Zion
Pyramids of Giza

QAnon QAnon Pizzagate Electoral fraud Alternative Reality
Queen B Queen B Illuminati Satanists Eternal Life

Radar station Montauk Project
Radiantly beautiful 5G
Reconnect in Roswell Roswell Incident
Reptiloids Reptiloids
Reeves, Keanu Vampire Invasion
Reiki Conspirituality
Relax and Clear your Mind Alternative Reality
Religious organizations Opus Dei Jeez, the Jesuits! Legendary Brotherhoods
Reichsbürger Reichsbürger Ewiges Reich Hitler is alive
Reichsflugscheiben Nazis in Antarctica
Remote control Montauk project 5G Targeted individuals
Replacement EU and Eurabia
Reveling in New York 9/11
Robots Project Cyborg War of the Machines
Rockefeller Family Rockefeller Family
Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller Family
Rosicrucians Legendary Brotherhoods
Rothschild Family Rothschild Family
Roswell Roswell Incident Alien Autopsy
Royal Family Buckingham Palace Reptiloids
Rome Club of Rome Opus Dei
Roosevelt, Franklin D. Freemasons
Russians Secret laboratories
Russian Web Brigades Web Brigades
Russian Trolls Web Brigades

Satellites Space Race
Sandy Hook Elementary School Sandy Hook Hoax
Sarin Chemo Terrorism
Satanic panic Satanists
Satanic ritual abuse Pagans and witches
Satire Birds Aren't Real Bielefeld Conspiracy
School Massacre Sandy Hook Hoax
Schwab, Klaus WEF Great Reset
Scientology Scientology Infiltration
Schools Indoctrination
Shadow Government Skull & Bones Wall Street
Secret laboratories Secret laboratories
Secret Services Secret Services Death of Marilyn Monroe Assassination of JFK
September 11 attacks 9/11
Shakur, Tupac Tupac Shakur is alive
Shopping in the Cold Nazis in Antarctica
Secret Rituals Zedekiah's Cave Ceremony
Sex Island Paedophile Island
Shooting Show Sandy Hook Hoax
Sightseeing Pyramids of Giza
Simulation hypothesis Simulation hypothesis
Skull & Bones Skull & Bones
Sleeping with Marilyn Death of Marilyn Monroe
Snowden, Edward Big Brother Total surveillance
Snows of yesteryear Secret Services
Soros, George George Soros
Space Colonization Escape Plan
Space Station Dark Side of the Moon Escape Plan
Space X Escape Plan
Spooky Rituals Zedakiah's Cave
Stolen election Electoral fraud
Stoker, Bram Vampire Invasion
Superior Race Eugenetics
Suppressed Cure Suppressed Cure
Suppressed inventions Suppressed Cure Free Energy
Surveillance Total surveillance
Sweet Poison Mind Control Drugs
Swimming with Nessie Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie & Co.

Targeted individuals
Technological Singularity Project Cyborg
Tenet Time Travel
Tesla, Nikola Free Energy
Therapy suppression Suppressed Cure
Thomson, Hunter S. Eternal Life
Time Travel Fever Time Travel
Time travel Time Travel Jay-Z
Total surveillance Total surveillance Big Brother
Transgender Rights Movement Transgender Agenda
Transgender Agenda Transgender Agenda
Transhumanism Project Cyborg
Travolta, John Scientology Vampire Invasion
Trilateral commission
Thunberg, Greta Big Oil
Trump Alternative Reality Electoral fraud
Truman Show Simulation hypothesis
Turin Devil's palace
Tupac Shakur 2Pac is alive
Tutoring in History False History

Ukraine Secret laboratories NATO False Flag
UFOs Area 51 Nazis in Antarctica Roswell Incident Alien Abduction
Ultimatum, the Antichrist
Undercover, overdressed Men in Black
UN UN New World Order
UN peacekeeping forces UN
US nave Philadelphia experiment

Vaccines Plandemic Autism
Vaccine-Autism-Myth Autism
Vampires Vampire Invasion
Vampire Invasion Vampire Invasion
Vatican City Vatican City Satanists
Virgin Galactic Escape Plan
Virus, man-made Wuhan Lab Leak AIDS conspiracy
Vote rigging Electoral fraud
Vlad the Impaler Vampire Invasion

War for Resources War for Resources
War games NATO
War on terror Jihad Wars
War of the Machines War of the Machines
War of the Worlds Alien Invasion
Wall Street Wall Street Economic Warfare
Warsteiner Scientology
Washington D.C. White House Freemasons
Weak Leadership Hitler is alive
Web Brigades Web Brigades Project Pinocchio Electoral fraud
Well oiled machinery Big Oil
WEF WEF Great Reset
Weishaupt, Adam Illuminati
Welcome back to Wuhan Wuhan Lab Leak
Welcome to Bielefeld Bielefeld Conspiracy
Welles, Orson Alien Invasion
White House White House Freemasons
WHO UN Bill Gates
Where the hell is Jay-Z? Jay-Z
Why on earth cure it? Suppressed Cure
Wicca Pagans and witches
Wild-goose chase Birds Aren't Real
Williams, Serena Transgender Agenda
Winehouse, Amy Club 27
World Jewish Conspiracy World Jewish Conspiracy
World Economic Forum WEF
World War III World War III
Wuhan Wuhan Lab Leak

Xavier Naidoo Holocaust Denial

Yeti Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie & Co.
Yoga Conspirituality

Zedekiah's Cave Zedekiah's Cave Ceremony
Zionist occupation government International Jewry
Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Fungus
Zombies Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Fungus
Zoom-Meeting Protocols of Zion